Who is your life partner?


1. Mother
2. Father
3. Wife
4. Husband
5. Son
6. Daughter
7. Friends…

Not at all… Your real life partner is your BODY. Once your body stops responding no one is with you.

You and your body stay together from BIRTH to DEATH. What you do to your body is your responsibility and that will come back to you. The more you care for your body, the more your body will care for you.

What you eat, what you do for being fit, how you deal with your stress, how much rest you give to it… will decide how your body going to respond.

Remember your body is the only permanent address where you live. Your body is your asset and liability, which no one else can share.

Because you are the real-life partner. BE FIT FOREVER, Take care of yourself, Money comes and goes, Relatives and friends are not permanent, no one can help your body other than you.

  • Regular exercise is for your BODY…
  • Meditation is for your MIND…
  • Walking is for your HEART…
  • Good food is for your FITNESS…
  • Good thoughts are for your SOUL…
  • Good Karma is for your HAPPINESS…


Ayurvedic & Unani Systems of Medicine follow holistic health care science focusing both preventions of disease and also addresses the solution to many chronic health conditions.

AyurvedUnani.com, an online consultation center, is dedicated to practicing these ancient systems in its pristine form in diagnostic and therapeutic conditions. When modern allopathic medicines often have harmful side effects leading to health problems; Ayurveda & Unani medical system focuses on the root cause of the health problem and solves it through many effective natural procedures like rejuvenation and detoxification therapies, herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle changes.

We focus more on the signs and symptoms of a particular ailment which leads us to the root of the problem helping to decide the right combination of herbal treatment. Hence we do not recommend to do many physical exams and a lot of laboratory tests.

We take great care in preparing the right combination of traditional ingredients at our own facility suitable for each individual. These herbal medications are made to the highest possible standards, are safe, efficacious and free from undesirable side effects.

The advantage of the use of natural herbal medicine is that they promote immunity power and helps a person to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. Thus, our body recognizes their synthesis and does no longer react in opposition to or regard them as a foreign matter or harmful chemical formulation.

All our medicines are purely herbal and conform to highest of standards.


There has been renewed attention and interest in the use of traditional medicine globally. because herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances with minimal or no industrial processing that have been used to treat illness within local or regional healing practices. Therefore people often turn to herbal supplements because of several reasons.

  • More affordable than conventional medicine.
  • Easier to obtain than prescription medicine.
  • Promote natural healing.
  • Strength in the immune system.
  • Stabilizes hormones and metabolism.
  • No major side effects.
  • It is cost effective.
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